PlugPackV18 released

Published: Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Good day @ all,

today I will announce the release of the new version of the PlugPack plug-in package. You may be able to download it within some days as soon as the add-ons page has been updated.

V18 has been the most troublesome version for me because of all that stuff that had to be fixed and of course because of the massive changes in balance as well as the implementation of the new stuff you will experience.

So what can you expect?

- 3 new plug-ins: PaintStation, ShieldBubbles and TechnicalData
- massive balance changes of all PP outfits
- massive bug fixes (especially Win users will be happy about this)
- re-worked icons (Mac only) - automation of the ReturnToS7evyn plug-in feature
- 53 new or re-worked outfit pictures
- 29 new balanced outfits
- 3 new weapon animations
- 3 new sounds
- 2 new ships (new graphics)

Next up I want to give you some extra information on two main features of V18:

TechnicalData plug-in: This plug-in is the most usefull tool you can imagine. It extends all outfit descriptions with information about damage, armor, shield recharge, ionization, jamming, etc. etc. It's sort of an ingame guide for all available outfits of the game (and the PP too) so you never buy things again without knowing what exactly they do.

Balance changes: The most noticeable change (and that makes it the greatest release so far) are the fully re-worked outfits. You may know I re-balanced some things from time to time but this time EVERYTHING has been re-worked. A new and even more Nova-like balance will make this package enjoyable than ever.

I strongly recommend this version to all PlugPack users out there - I swear you will love it!

I hope you'll enjoy this release. Have a look at the documentation for contact info, FAQ and detailed plug-in information.

You can download it here.