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Alien vs Predator

Published: Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Alien versus Predator is a custom map for Starcraft 2 and it is distributed in all regions.

If you want to help improving the map you can ...

- report bugs
- report grammar and spelling mistakes
- write down ideas
- discuss balancing issues
- be a beta tester

Every helping hand is appreciated. Visit the forum if you want to help.

Map details:

Max. players: 12 
Min. players: 2
Suggested players: 12 (4vs4vs4)

Three factions fighting for their survival on a space station within the deeps of the universe or a dangerous jungle on a mysterious planet. Led by their leaders they try to wipe each other out since there can be only one faction remaining. Whoever is smarter and deadlier than his opponents will win this war and survive.

This game combines hero, zone and wave mechanics to provide an intensive gaming experience. Use your abilities, upgrade your weapons and try to stay alive. The less you're getting killed the harder it will be for your enemies to make a stand. Be sneaky and aim for useful tactical situations.

Level up by killing creeps and heroes. Enable bonus upgrades for your team by taking the zone of a dead leader. Raise your score to unlock new weapons and armor. And ultimately raise your rating to make everyone fear you right after joining a match.