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Published: Wednesday, 16 July 2014


The PlugPack is a plug-in collection for the game Escape Velocity Nova.

Plug-ins Modifications
ExtraOutfits Part 1 adds 150+ balanced outfits and 3 new ships
ExtraOutfits Part 2 adds a buyable shipyard on which you're able to produce and sell ships and also adds a new ship
NewCharacters adds 23 starting characters to choose from
NewMissions adds GRN racing missions on Las Vegas
NewTargets adds colored target pictures
ReturnToS7evyn adds an option to return to S7evyn after completing the game
TechnicalData adds highly detailed outfit information in their description
ShipVariants adds the option to get any ship variant in the shipyards
PaintStation adds a station in the Zel system where u can get paint jobs
ShieldBubbles adds government specific colored shield bubbles