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hello im new here i played this mod a little and i wanna share with you what im thinking of it...
and i mean all this by normal player not super skilled guy

aliens = total piece of crap when normal player plays it
marines = they are OP on start they kill everything what moves but when game go far they are weak and they are also easy to play
predators = OP all time they walk like terminators and are hard to kill... and they also have awsome dmg and this "stun" who in my opinion is mistacke in this game the moust easy class to play

so... in my opinion
aliens= they need skills to play... even skilled player can have sometimes problems
marines=they are easy to play not need much skill for them
predators=total noobs can play predators and they will own anyway

for me this predator stun shall be remuved... stun suit beter for alien not predator... and also this stun shall work in close combat like hunter need to be close his prey to use stun... right now this stun works from miles and this stun works too long time... when marine or alien is in this stun they will just die...

so for my point of view i will change stun to aliens it suit it beter than predator and reduce time of this stun like 2-sek not 5-6sek
and for predator i will change his "stun" to forcefield... forcefield will suit beter predators... and also give predators charge like zealots have but with little longer cd... and for example predators action will looks like this: "predators see lonley marine in the corridor so he charge on this marine and use forcefield behaind this marine so he cant escape so easy and then try kill marine... when marine try escape predators will use his predator shoulder cannon" --- then i will say that predator need skills to play right now total noob can own him

right now as i see
marines dont have any defensive skills... the only defense he have is use "stimpack" and run
predators have them "stun" this stun can be use as defensive and also as atack... and when sytuation gets too hard they run and shot ppl with his predator shoulder cannon.. it really too much for them
aliens can only burrow and thats all... smart marine will throw granade on him or put turret and kill him...

from 3 races aliens have worst defensive skills... well aliens shall be the moust agresive race from this 3 but even agresive skills they have fucked up

right now it is all what i see from my side i hope this will help you to make new things in game
and sorry for my english ect ect it is not my native language
and also sorry idk where to put this topic to balancing or ideas
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Welcome to the boards :)
Well, first of all thanks for your posting. I appreciate every feedback.

So lets start with the ability discussion.

Adding force fields to predators won't happen. This is a skill used in SC2 but has nothing to do with the AvP universe. Charge on the other hand was an ability a long time ago and was removed because of its OP'ness (and it didn't fit as well).

So I'll have to deny that right from the start.

Currently I'm thinking about nerfing the stun. Stopping movement but allowing to attack. This way it wouldn't be so OP anymore. But I have not finalized that thought.

There's much I can say about the mentioned balancing issues.

In fact the aliens are hardest to play - you're right. Thats intended. But if correctly used the abilities are as strong as of the other races. By what you're saying about alien skills I can see that you haven't figured them out till now.

It's all about knowing the skills of the race you're playing. I'am no 'super skilled guy' as well if it comes to micro. But I win most of the games just because I know my abilities and the options they provide.

Hide for example is very strong - just use it to get in the ventilation system and you can't be attacked anymore. Its a strategic skill and saved my life dozens of times. Also you can ignore closed doors and ambush players by traveling in the vent.

Since 2.7 chestburster gain upgrades and can get very strong in late game. But facehuggers have to be set strategically or they just die in vain and you never have a chestburster running around. Also even if you just infest a player with a facehugger you'll get a nice bonus. Infested players are shown on the minimap revealing their movement and slowing them by 10%.

Throw acid is the strongest DoT in the game.

The regeneration spell is awesome if used in combination with hide (best place to reg is to burrow while in the vent).

And on top of that aliens got the highest damage per upgrade.

So they seem OP, don't they?

Well, predators are the most easiest race to play. Thats true. And marines are somewhat between predators and aliens. At least for new players. (BTW: Marines got nerfed in 2.7.)

I have to give them abilities that match the AvP universe. Predators without their arsenal? Marines without ranged weapons? Aliens without sneaky skills? No way. This leads directly to some sort of pre-defined balancing like it currently is.

Ask yourself: Is it useful to have all races be easy to play just to satisfy new players?

My opinion: I don't think so. I like to think that its something that keeps them interested. Maybe gaining first experiences with predators and later on when they know the game they can evolve their skills by playing aliens.

It all depends on how fast you can get kills so you can level up and research upgrades. No predators stands a chance if he is low on upgrades. Same goes for any other race.

At the beginning they are all pretty balanced. You are able to kill every hero with any other hero - if you do it right. Later on upgrade charges will have great influence to the gameplay. Getting them and allocate them tactically can make all the difference.

And knowing your abilities is the most important thing.

But in the end everything is even simpler: Just don't run blindly in every hero vs hero fight. Killing creeps is essential till mid game. The whole balancing discussion ends at the point where it comes to the main problem I have seen in 3/4 of the games I played.

People just don't realize how important farming is. Feeded players will always own everyone - no nerf, no buff, no new ability will change that. And they got even more feeded by killing heroes.

Every game is hard if you don't know its subtleties ^^

(P.S.: It's late and I'm tired as hell, so if something seems incoherent keep in mind that nearly fell asleep on my keyboard ^^)

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hm so you wanna look it like tootal avp mod... so now I know where I stand :)
few years ago i played alot multiplayer avp2... i also played avp3 but only single player
in avp2 predator have "net" so you can change stun for this "net" it will make player immobilizes but he still can atack
and predator have also disc and spear but idk how to put it in game
marines have there small arsenal like sniper rifles,mine,rocket launcher, emp granade who shot down all predator skills and makes him blind ect
in avp2 only alien have stun if you hited some1 by tail he was stuned so you can make also this here... "alien tail atack" - and ever1 who is near alien is stuned for 2 sek
ofc marines also haved there stun granades... like i sayed marines haved small arsenal there :)

sry i dont played few days becouse i haved alot of work and right now i dont have alot time
i hope i will have free weekend
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The "stun" is in fact called "Net Gun" - and its exactly what it does... throwing a net XD Why does no one read tooltips?

Also it has been patched some time ago to allow attacks. Stay informed! ^^

Well, as you might have seen the map is in beta. So there will be new features coming over time (such as new weapons and skills... maybe) - but don't ask me when. Currently I'm still fixing bugs. Annoying little bugs... a nightmare XD

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